The labeler for very large width

extremely precise and reliable, even in harsh environments

The XLS 209 Labeler provides great relief for manufacturers in the chemical industry, the building materials and cosmetic industry. Why? Because, the XLS 209 applies labels with a very large width (up to 229 mm or 9 inches) and it is extremely precise and reliable, even in harsh environments. Moreover, due to its extreme compactness, the XLS 209 can be used in a very flexible way. And thanks to its optional tandem function, down time when changing the material is a thing of the past. With the XLS 209, NOVEXX Solutions provides a very efficient and at the same time economically profitable labeling system.


Whether it is canisters, large containers, drums or pallets, from barrels to aerosols – the new labeling system XLS 209 from NOVEXX Solutions will win you over with its labeling of a wide variety of products and packaging units.

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The XLS 209 processes labels with a width of 50 to 229 (9 inches) mm as well as a length of 50 to 600 mm. For that reason it is well ahead of other comparable labelers. The labels provide enough space for a lot of product information and for an effective branding.


Whether it is for decoration, information or branding labels, from paper or plastic: XLS 209 processes quality labels for various areas of application in the chemical and building materials industry as well as the cosmetic sector.


The optional IP 65 function protects the XLS 209 from dust and moisture. The harshest environments are no problem at all; downtimes for waiting and maintenance almost never take place. The compact industrial housing and the highly durable components facilitate a permanent industrial application.


The dispensing speed of the XLS 209 amounts to 25 m per minute and that is 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The possibility of a tandem function ensures a continual labeling and hence it avoids down times – the production time is maximised.


The APSF sensor ensures that the labels are always applied accurately and precisely even in the case of changes in speed on the conveyer belt. This enables different products to be easily labeled in a row on the production line.


The various optional dispensing edges – suitable for almost every application and diverse sectors – enable the application of the labels on almost all container shapes, whether above, below or at the side. Furthermore, due to its compact shape, the XLS 209 can be easily integrated into the existing production environment.


Do you want to get more information about the labeling system XLS 209, the NOVEXX Solutions service range, the prices and the availability? We look forward to discussing the possibilities with you. You can reach us at or by telephone at +49 8165 925-299. Give us a call, we can help you and we would be happy to give you advice!

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