NiceLabel Label Design Software  

If you are looking for a label design software, NOVEXX Solutions recommends NiceLabel:

  • The software gives you the possibility to produce customizable labels to meet the latest industrial standards for effective storage, shipments, product tracking, and identification.
  • The Windows drivers for our hardware are matched to the NiceLabel software
  • Based on long-term experience our sales and service team has established a large knowledge of NiceLabel
  • Our fully integrated software solution PID 3SIXTY supports the use of NiceLabel label design software

NiceLabel is a family of professional easy-to-use labeling software that provides complete barcode and RFID design. There are label layout templates available for creating professional labels which can be adapted as required. These allow to combine text, barcodes, graphics, and symbols flexibly. NiceLabel works with up-to-date information from your database, whether variable or fixed, to create high-quality labels with marks, brand, price, or shipping information, including:

* Up-to-date identification standards
* All the latest barcodes
* Checksum calculation

The software is available in 29 languages. There are four different versions to suit your requirements.

Choose your preferred option to start using NiceLabel today:

Use a 30-day TRIAL version to find out what version of NiceLabel works best for you. Choose between three different versions:

  • PowerForms – all label design capabilities plus application builder. Fully configurable print forms and print workflows to streamline label printing
  • Designer Pro – all label design and dynamic data features including full database, advanced counters, functions including concatenation, string manipulation, and adaptable print forms
  • Designer Express – entry-level edition with basic label design and dynamic data features including basic database, basic counters, no functions

After 30 days you can decide if you want to:

  • buy a FULL LICENSE to use NiceLabel with all available features, no time limit, and compatible with all common label printers, or
  • use the FREE NiceLabel version with limited functionality. It contains all common basic functions, is without a time limit, and compatible only with NOVEXX Solutions printers.

» NiceLabel 30-day trial download