Possehl identification solutions


NOVEXX Solutions is part of the Possehl Identification Solutions (PID) group, a Possehl division of ten companies specialized in labeling, coding, software, and label production.

Our independent companies have extensive expertise and work closely together. This unique approach enables us to provide perfectly matching identification solutions. From hardware to software to labels: PID is your expert and one-stop-supplier for product identification. 

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As PID we are close to our customers in more than 80 countries across the world. Thus our customers fo not only benefit from an extensive product and service portfolio, but especially from an outstanding global support network.


Stronger togehter - the PID group

These are the ten companies that belong to PID: Logopak, LSS, NOVEXX Solutions, Eidos, Etipack, Datakamp, Labelcraft, and Nordvalls Label Group with Kölle Etiketten, and Watermill. You can find the latest press release here.

  • Sectors: 
    Auto-ID, Print & Apply, Packaging machinery
  • Key industries: 
    Food and Beverage
  • PID member since: 
  • Location: Italy

Key Solutions
Thermal Transfer Overprint, Thermal Transfer Print & Apply, Direct Digital Product Marking

More about Eidos
  • Sectors:
    Mechanical engineering
  • Key industries:
    Pharmacy, Cosmetics, Food, Paper, Chemical
  • PID member since:
  • Locations: Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Brasil

Key solutions: Labelling Solutions, Feeders, Pick & Place Machines

More about Etipack
  • Sectors:
    Mechanical engineering
  • Key industries:
    Drinks & food, automotive, tobacco, logistics
  • PID member since:
  • Locations: Germany, GB, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, USA

Key solutions: Packaging & Pallet Labelling, Print & Apply Solutions, Linerless Labelling

More about Logopak
  • Sectors: 
    Mechanical engineering
  • Key industries: 
    Pharmaceutical, paint and coating industry
  • PID member since: 
  • Location: Denmark

Key solutions: Pharma Labelling & Small Batch Packaging Solutions

More about LSS
  • Sectors: 
    Printing technology
  • Key industries: 
    Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Transport, Chemical engineering, Cosmetics, Wood, Paper and Pulp industry
  • PID member since: 2017/2020/2023/
  • Location: Sweden, Germany

Key solutions: High-quality Labels for every Need

More about Nordvalls
  • Sectors: 
    Mechanical engineering
  • Key industries: 
    Pharma, Food and Beverage, Transport, Chemical engineering, Cosmetics, Logistics/ Warehouse
  • PID member since:
  • Location: Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, Turkey

Key solutions: Print & Apply Systems, Label Printers, Label Applicators, OEM Print Modules

More about NOVEXX Solutions
  • Sectors:
    ard- and software technologies
  • Key industries:
    Plant and mechanical engineering, automation technology, medical technology, rail and traffic engineering

  • PID member since:
  • Locations: Germany

Key solutions: Electronic System Components for Industrial Applications

More about datakamp
  • Sectors: 
    Software engineering
  • Key industries: 
    Wire & Cable marking, Logistics, Food, Commercial Fishing
  • PID member since:
  • Location: Norway

Key solution: Label Printing Software

More about LabelCraft

    A one-of-a kind software for product identification


    One big joint PID project was the development of the software PID 3SIXTY and was created by a team of experts from different PID companies.

    This state-of-the-art, user-centric, future-proof is a brand new software platform that gives control over the entire product identification process. It combines two products – manage.ID and monitor.ID – to give users all the tools to get things done and know what´s going on.

    PID 3SIXTY comes with lots of benefits and enables the customer to:

    • Manage & control identification processes
    • Guarantee product identification performance
    • Achieve traceability & transparency
    • Adapt flexibly to process & regulatory changes
    • Avoid downtimes through preventive maintenance
    • Customize through simple configuration
    • Connect all printers – independent from brand & technology

    More information on PID 3SIXTY Software


    Possehl Identification Solutions (PID) is a division of the POSSEHL GROUP.

    L. Possehl & Co. mbH is a group of medium-sized industrial companies managed in the Hanseatic tradition. There are currently more than 200 companies, with around 13,000 employees worldwide, with over half being based in Germany. The companies preserve and maintain their unique identity and continue to develop independently within our group. As a successful and diverse positioned group with a history spanning 174 years, the name POSSEHL stands for entrepreneurial spirit, tradition and responsibility.

    The company was established in Lübeck by Ludwig Possehl in 1847 for local trading in iron goods. The non-profit foundation Possehl-Stiftung has been the sole shareholder since 1919. The corporate structure enables the POSSEHL Group to remain independent and lays the foundations for long-term corporate decisions.

    More about L. Possehl & Co. mbH