Thermal Transfer ribbon for all requirements

Choosing the right thermal transfer ribbon for your use case

While we usually call it just ribbon, there are many other expressions in use. Some of our customers refer to them as thermal transfer film, resin film or ribbon. Regardless of how you call it, we have decades of experience with ribbon to ensure you get the most out of your printer.

We offer ribbon for different label material, in various sizes and for flat-head as well as near-edge print head technology.
In order to test our ribbons we created sample kits which you can order for free.
These kits cover the most standard applications. If you want to test a different quality which is not listed, please get in touch with us.

There are several important questions that should be answered sequential when it comes to choosing the right thermal transfer ribbon:

Order your free ribbon sample kits now!

Recommended ribbon for the XLP 51x series
Recommended ribbon for XLP 60x, XPA 93x, XDM & XPM 94x

Order your free ribbon sample kit now

The best choice with NOVEXX Solutions thermal transfer ribbon

High quality foils

Our thermal transfer ribbons are manufactured in accordance with standards (ISO 9002) and deliver the highest print quality. The antistatic and silicone coating on the back of our foils guarantees you not only the best printing results, but also an extended service life of your print heads.


Smudge and scratch resistance
Moisture resistance
Moisture resistance
Solvent resistance
Heat resistance
Deep-freeze resistance
UV light resistance


Printing requirements vary from industry to industry and from product to product. Our specialist consultants for consumables will recommend the optimum solution for your application.

Just-in-time delivery

Do you want to reduce warehousing for your consumables? No problem, because we take care of your logistics. If we receive your order before 11 am, you will receive the rolls within 48 hours, starting with a minimum quantity of five rolls! *

* For an order of standard dimensions or stock goods and minimum quantity; depending on the dimension.