Pallet labeling with the automated complete solution XPU

Easy identification – safe distribution

The XPU pallet labeler offers high levels of reliability, efficiency and user-friendliness, including demanding 24/7 applications, and delivers outstanding print results even in the rough conditions of a logistics environment.

  • Applies GS1 compliant DIN A5 labels
  • Best print quality thanks to the integrated
  • Labeling optionally 2 sides with just one pallet stop
  • Labels up to 200 pallets per hour (with 2 labels)
  • Scanner for barcode validation
  • Options: 3 side labeling, 4” panel pc for machine status information and more
  • PID 3SIXTY Pallet Labeling Software (server based or on panel PC) for label-, data- and process management
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Benefits at a glance

  • Reliable pallet  labeling of one or two adjacent pallet sides with just one pallet stop
  • Up to 200 pallets per hour with 2 labels per pallet
  • The XPU Pallet Labeler can optionally apply labels to 3 pallet sides

XPA Pallet Labeler NOVEXX

Are you looking for a special Pallet Labeling Solution?

The right Pallet Labeling Solution for every challenge:

XPA 936 with Rotor-Applicator

  • Perfect printing & applying the label directly to the stopped pallet
    according to GS1 standard
  • Labels 1-2 pallets
  • Integrated into the production line
  • No protective housing is needed
  • Cost-efficient, fully automated solution with integrated XPA 936 Print & Apply System




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Pallet labeling is a fully automated process for labeling pallets. Several labels are attached to the pallet to be shipped. The labels contain important information about the origin, destination, and contents of the pallet.