Industries served

Our broad experience is the foundation for excellent solutions. In 50 years, we have come to understand one thing: industry know-how and expertise make a huge difference. Especially when improving a customer’s supply chain. We are proud to say that our customers recognize us as a partner, because we are familiar with their markets and speak their language. Because we understand the challenges they face and contribute value with our expertise. In this process, current market trends guide us – or we drive changes ourselves. This is especially true in the following industries:

Food industry served by NOVEXX Solutions


Our solutions for the food manufacturing industries are well recognized by local and global companies. We make sure your products are well identified, compliant to industry standards such as HACCP and pass your supply chain as expected.

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Pharma medical industry served by NOVEXX Solutions


We understand the high demands for secure and reliable printing and identification of pharmaceutical products, which are, for example, defined in FDA regulations. Our solutions are built on long-time experience and know-how from which your company will benefit.

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Personal care industry served by NOVEXX Solutions

Personal Care

We provide efficient, high-performing solutions to assure well identified products for consumer shelf appeal and branding. In combination with a strong focus on production improvements and optimization, you will experience the benefits immediately.

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Chemical industry served by NOVEXX Solutions


Anything needed to attach safety, health and regulatory information to your chemical products can be found at NOVEXX Solutions. Our wide range of Labelers apply any label to your products, even large sizes as used in the chemical industry.

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Logistics warehouse industry served by NOVEXX Solutions


We very well understand the challenge of moving products in the supply chain. Well printed barcodes and addresses are a priority in the logistical processes. You can count on our solutions to support your services smoothly and reliably.

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Other industries served by NOVEXX Solutions

Other Industries

Any industry that manufactures, picks, packs and supplies products is invited to experience the benefits of products and solutions from NOVEXX Solutions. Our competence and know-how in consulting and offering the right printing, labeling and software solutions will improve your processes and increase your profits.

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