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The right choice of surface material, adhesive and backing are of paramount importance when designing the industrial label. Additional modifications such as finishing or embossing must also be adapted to all components.
Depending on the industry, they have to withstand different challenges & requirements.
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Trust is based on reliability, experience and skill. The right choice of surface material, adhesive and liner are of paramount importance in the design & production of the label. The right combination is decisive for the suitability in practice.

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Industrial labels are special labels used in industrial environments. Their primary purpose is to provide information about the product, packaging or pallet. Industrial labels must meet both customer-specific and legal requirements. Content, appearance or condition are just three examples. In the consumer sector in particular, however, labels are also used and designed for brand-specific purposes, such as branding or recognition value.
The spectrum and variety of industrial labels are wide. Industrial labels are produced and used for a wide range of purposes and industries - they are used to provide information and/or for decorative purposes. The most common types of labels are food and beverage labels, pharmaceutical labels, cosmetic labels, manufacturing and production labels, and e-commerce & logistics labels. Get in touch with us and explore all the possibilities we at NOVEXX Solutions can offer.
Specialized manufacturers produce industrial labels. These companies can print and stamp any type of industrial label. Depending on the customer's requirements, industrial labels can be configured in terms of color, size, shape, finishing or special features. Industrial labels facilitate work processes, help to organize and save time, warn, secure, point out, are information carriers, advertising media, serve for recognition and for decoration.
The variety of industrial labels is almost limitless. A distinction is made between informative and decorative labels. Further distinguishing features are size, shape, face material, backing material, colorfulness, type of adhesive & adhesion, finishing, and functionality.