Applicators for any application

Reliable and precise label application

Our wide range of standard applicators from NOVEXX Solutions enables labels to be applied precisely and reliably. Whether product, carton, or pallet - our applicators can apply any label to a wide variety of surfaces and materials. Even sensitive and fragile objects can be labeled.
NOVEXX Solutions applicators can be easily and effortlessly mounted on our hardware. They mark reliably and smoothly:

  • Flat, uneven and sensitive surfaces
  • Products with constant and variable heights
  • Stationary products and products in motion
  • Contactless labeling
  • Labels can be applied in any position (even over corners)

Our applicators at a glance

Our applicators are versatile and can be used for labeling a large variety of product types from a broad range of industries. Get an initial overview with the help of our brochure. For more detailed information or questions, please contact our specialists. We will be happy to advise you and find the right applicator for your individual application.

Applicator brochure

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