TOP & Down Identification With or without variable data in one step

The modular XTD for Top & Down applications such as food labeling

With the modular XTD Top & Down identification solution, you can easily apply all relevant information on your product. This is because the system labels products from above and below in just one process step.
For example in the industrial food labeling: a Labeler applies a pre-printed label from above - immediately afterwards, a Print & Apply System located below the conveyor belt prints variable data onto another label and applies this to the product from below.
This saves valuable time and ensures that your products meet all important product identification requirements in food labeling.

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Decorative labels (e.g. for promotion labels)
as well as labels with variable data can be
printed & applied.


Labels with variable data and
necessary product information
ensure compliance with identification regulations.

BENEFITS of this top and down solution at a glance

First class quality
& Precision

Like all NOVEXX Solutions systems
the solution delivers a brilliant print image and high dispensing accuracy.

Space saving design

Thanks to its compact size,
the XTD Top & Down Complete Solution
is easy integrable.


Easy maintenance

Quick access to all important
maintenance points enables
uncomplicated service.


Thanks to extreme run lengths, fast material changes and low downtimes, high production and process stability is guaranteed. An optional tandem operation further increases this.


Reliable identification
from top and bottom
in just one step.


The NOVEXX Solutions XTD Top & Down Solution can combine pure labelers (XLS series) as well as Print & Apply Systems (ALX and XPA series) in different configurations for indvoidual labeling such as it is common in food labeling.


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