NOVEXX Solutions is a global leader for all needs in terms of Printing, Labeling and Print & Apply Solutions including a comprehensive range of labeling materials. NOVEXX Solutions originated from Avery Dennison, the inventor of the self-adhesive label, and is based in Eching near Munich. We count around 250 employees and serve the market with 11 locations around the globe. We are proud of our roots and history and want to share with you the most important milestones in the development of Avery Dennison up until the birth of NOVEXX Solutions.

Avery Dennison’s origins go back to the early 1930s, while NOVEXX Solutions as it is today was founded in 2015. NOVEXX Solutions is the former successful and strong-selling “Industrial Print & Apply (IPA)” line of business of Avery Dennison, which the L. Possehl & Co. mbH Group of companies acquired in June 2015. This acquisition makes the IPA business as NOVEXX Solutions even stronger and enables us to further improve our products, operations and services. This former integral part of Avery Dennison can count on more than 55 years of experience in Printing and Labeling Solutions including hardware, software and consumables products.

Our most important milestones at a glance

1935 – Foundation of Avery Dennison as Kum Kleen Products
1937 – Company name changed to Avery Adhesives
1946 – Company was incorporated as Avery Adhesive Label Corp.
1953 – Fasson self-adhesive materials business is founded
1958 – Company name changed to Avery Adhesive Products, Inc.
1964 – Company name changed to Avery Products Corporation
1966 – Foundation of Avery Deutschland (former SOABAR)
1967 – Avery Products Corp (AVY) is listed on the New York Stock Exchange
1968 – Soabar is acquired
1976 – Company name changed to Avery International Corporation
1990 – Merge with Dennison Manufacturing company and company name change to Avery Dennison
2004 – First “content-insensitive” Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) label is created
2007 – Acquisition of Paxar Corporation, becoming the global apparel branding and information solutions market leader
2009 – Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions is formed
2015 – Acquisition of IPA business by POSSEHL Group and foundation of Novexx Solutions GmbH
2017 – Novexx Solutions GmbH acquires Eidos S.P.A.
2017 – NOVEXX Solutions is integrated into the POSSEHL business unit “Possehl Identification Solutions” (PID)
2023 – Launch of joint project PID 3SIXTY (software for identification management and machine monitoring)
2023 – First joint appearence as PID on Interpack trade show