Labeling systems for industrial identification

NOVEXX Solutions labeling systems are ready to meet any labeling challenge and supply chain application.
Whether products, cartons or pallets need to be labeled, NOVEXX Solutions systems promise excellent applications even at high speeds. NOVEXX Solutions labelers score with speed, accuracy, performance, robustness, flexibility and many smart features that help to optimize your processes.
Thanks to simple integration options and industrial design, NOVEXX Solutions labeling systems perform successfully in a wide range of environments in all industries >>.


intelligent, flexible industrial labeler: XLS 2XX  

  • Perfect application of decorative & informative labels
  • Label width 10-233 mm, label length up to 5-600 mm
  • Labeling speed 0-70 m/min
    Compact design, easy integration into production lines, very user-friendly operation
  • For demanding 24/7 continuous operation
  • Tandem function for non-stop production
  • IP 65 protection against water and dust
XLS Labeler NOVEXX Solutions
  • „The automatic adjustment of the dispensing speed according to the belt speed is brilliant “

  • „The Easy Push Rewinder makes handling the label material really easy!"

  • „The intuitive menu navigation is absolutely self-explanatory“

  • „It runs and runs and runs - without complications. That's what I call robust!"

for large label rolls: ALS 30x

  • For applying decorative and informative labels with extra large label rolls
  • Extremely powerful & robust for demanding use
  • High efficiency thanks to large label rolls and the possibility of combining 2 rolls per machine
  • Tandem function for non-stop production
  • Modular components for flexible integration into production lines
ALS Labeler NOVEXX Solutions

1 step to label multiple positions: XLA

  • Easy & fast labeling of primary product packaging such as cans, boxes, jars, canisters or bottles made of various materials
  • Multiple labels can be applied at different positions on one product
  • Possible application positions: Top, bottom, side, front, back, wraparound
  • Also suitable for sealing products
  • Modular and individually configurable, space-saving design
XLA Labeler NOVEXX Solutions

 1 step to label from top & down: XTD

  • Flexible complete solution for labeling product on the top and bottom in only one process step
  • Also available as a combination with integrated Print & Apply System to print variable data directly on the label
  • Compact size , easy to integrate
XTD Labeler NOVEXX Solutions


  • The reliable pallet labeler for GS1-compliant pallet labels
XPU Labeler NOVEXX Solutions


The NOVEXX Solutions standard applicators allow various application possibilities for products, cartons or pallets.

Label Application NOVEXX Solutions
  • Smooth, rough and sensitive surfaces
  • Products with constant and variable height
  • Moving and non-moving products
  • Contactless labeling
  • Application of labels in any position (also around corner edges)

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