Award-winning – data management software TRACE-it

NOVEXX Solutions GmbH launches TRACE-it® – an innovative software solution for centralized data and process management. The software centrally manages and controls all marking tasks within the production process.
TRACE-it software solution by NOVEXX Solutions
Eching, August 2017 – Whether it be marking of single products, packages or entire pallets – TRACE-it® optimizes marking processes in producing companies across many different industries. By using an own database with interface to ERP and MES systems, the software controls all marking tasks in the production process in a central location resulting in a high level of transparency and accuracy in the different process steps of product identification.

Innovationprice Initiative Mittelstand 2017 for NOVEXX Solutions

“TRACE-it® is flexible, scalable and future-proof“, says Manfred Borbe, CEO of NOVEXX Solutions GmbH. “We are proud to offer a software solution to our customers which simplifies their work and adds value to their marking processes.” This view is also shared by Initiative Mittelstand’s expert jury who awarded TRACE-it® for its high benefits especially for middle sized businesses with the innovation prize-IT “Best of 2017“.

TRACE-it® offers the following advantages to our clients:

Increased efficiency:
TRACE-it® enables the control of all devices – regardless of technology, manufacturer and printer language so companies save time and unnecessary duplication efforts.

High flexibility:
Tasks such as editing language versions, variable data or customizing label designs can be managed flexibly with TRACE-it® just like integrating new hardware or switching to new software versions.

Avoid errors:
Due to an automatic data import and central processing of data, print templates and print jobs across different locations, TRACE-it® minimizes errors especially since there is no need to process the same task individually for every single device.

Scale as you go:
TRACE-it® enables the integration of new sites, the expansion of functions and the integration of further marking devices.

Meet the requirements:
TRACE-it® helps customers to be compliant to legal requirements or internal guidelines since all changes can be made centrally for all sites. Global access to centrally defined print layouts enhances marking standards.

“While many are still just talking about industry 4.0, TRACE-it® is already successfully installed by well-known customers.” says Geert Jan Kolkhuis Tanke, Director Product Management of NOVEXX Solutions. “The software is unique and greatly simplifies labeling tasks along the entire production line.”

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