XLA – The Configurable Labeling Solution

Fast and precise application thanks to numerous individual configuration options.

Thanks to its modular design, the XLA applies a wide variety of labels to a single product at various positions. Numerous configuration options allows the XLA to be tailored precisely to your requirements and can be tailored specifically to your product.

This makes the XLA a true all-rounder and can master any challenge for many industries and numerous products:

      • Chemical products
      • Hygienic products
      • Food and beverages
      • Pharmaceutical products
      • Household goods
      • Cosmetic products

    Numerous applications on a wide variety of products

    With the XLA, you can easily and quickly label primary products such as cans, boxes, jars, canisters or bottles made of a wide variety of materials, regardless of their position.

    Regardless of the type and shape of labels used - with the XLA you can apply both decorative and informative labels to the product.


    Individually adjustable

    Printing and labeling systems are individually adapted to your own product.

    User friendly

    Intuitive user interface, fast and effortless manual adjustment.


    Space-saving design and multiple labeling in a single production step.

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