Smart functions …

… for your benefit

The XTO has a whole range of intelligent functionalities that make life a lot easier for the operator. Minimum downtime and increased productivity are just some of the many advantages of the XTO.

NOVEXX Solutions and EIDOS – a NOVEXX Solutions company – have brought all their skills together for the launch of this amazing new product.
Enjoy the launch keynote of Paolo Bori, Managing Director of EIDOS!

… in Detail

Superior Print Performance and Quality

The large print area (intermittent: 53 x 100 mm, continuous: max 53 x 600 mm) allows for more flexibility, whereas the spacious "safe operating area" guarantees increased accuracy even on high printing speed. Additionally, the included ribbon save function and the high ribbon capacity with a foil length of up to 1,200m lead to increased uptime.

Your benefits:
  • High accuracy
  • Maximum control of the print performance
  • High print speed of up to 1,000 mm/sec
  • Optimum print quality of text, barcodes and logos
  • More flexibility to respond to the fast evolving market requirements of product identification due to the large print area


The plug & play mechanism for an automated ribbon infeed enables an ergonomic and fast ribbon change within a few seconds.

Your benefits:
  • Ergonomic and fast ribbon change
  • Increased uptime
  • Ultralight loader, affordable and easy to handle


The printhead can be changed within seconds and 100% tool-free. The mechanism automatically manages the printhead connector without any need for manual insertion.

Your benefits:
  • Tool-free printhead change within seconds
  • F1 pitstop concept: super quick, super easy, ready to go immediately after
  • No need for manual cable insertion

A motor drives the printhead for optimal and controlled print

Your benefits:
  • No compressed air is needed
  • Lower costs
  • Improved performance and uptime
  • Precise control of the printhead position
  • Reduced integration complexity

Useful for integrators: The QUICKTRONIC X-CHANGER

The XTO is built on a separation of mechanical and electronical parts which means that the whole electronic unit can be detached easily and even changed with the XTO still in the packaging machine.

Your benefits:
  • Improved unit uptime and reduced idle times
  • Easy and fast replacement of electronic components
  • Easy to service and repair without need to uninstall the print unit from the line
  • Less downtime
  • Hot swap possibility
Connectivity and IoT

Various interfaces and applications ensure that the XTO is future proof in terms of connectivity and IoT. The printhead of the XTO includes a crypto chip to store important information such as running kilometers, running hours and printhead dotline status. The web server application can be integrated into the display of the packaging machine, run on a separate touch screen or be displayed on an external screen via the browser

Your benefits:
  • Maximum flexibility in controlling the XTO
  • Easy adaptation and control of printing parameters
  • Overview of machine status at any time
  • Full electronic functions allow remote operation/diagnostics and maintenance


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The perfect fit

Highest flexibility for various applications

The XTO impresses with its ingenious modular design. It consists of a fully functioning printing unit, a separate power supply and a separate HMI display. Therefore, it can be easily integrated into an existing packaging machine which already has a power supply and an HMI. The advantage for the user is maximum flexibility in terms of offer and price, as each module is optional.