The intelligent Ribbon Save

For more sustainable and cost-efficient identification

In most cases, labels get often printed with only a small amount of information, such as expiration dates, barcodes, or other variable data. With the common printing methods, such as thermal transfer printing, the ribbon and label material pass the printing process at the same time. In this way, the consumption of ribbon is exactly the same as of the label material. The result: too much ribbon is used.

But there is a solution: The Ribbon Save Function ensures that only as much ribbon as necessary gets used.

The intellgient Ribbon Save function

The Ribbon Save mechanism automatically stops the feed of thermal transfer ribbon at every point where the label is not to be printed. The print head is only lowered and heated when printing is required.

The total amount of ribbon and cost savings depends on the print data and the distances between the individual print images. The material consumption can be significantly reduced as of an unprinted area of 6 mm.

Your Advantages with Ribbon Save function


Careful printing process

The careful handling and the reduced operating time of the printhead
significantly improves its life time.


optimized resource consumption

The special feeding method ensures optimized ribbon consumption
and maximum utilization.


Sustainable Identification

The economical use of ribbon leads to less waste and a lower consumption of chemicals. The result is a lower environmental impact.


maximum Uptime

The Ribbon Save function ensures an optimized use of the printer and its consumables. This reduces downtimes to a minimum.

Ribbon Save in our Printers and Print & Apply Solutions

These products already have our intelligent Ribbon Save function included. Take the opportunity and inform yourself.


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