Visit us at one of our very first shows as NOVEXX Solutions and learn how we can optimize your labeling and identification processes within the supply chain.

We offer industry specific expertise and solutions for

  • Item, carton and pallet labeling
  • Track & Trace
  • RFID coding, writing and verification
  • Compliance with the latest barcode requirements
  • Top, side, bottom & corner labeling

Don’t miss out on our Real-World Supply Chain Demonstration!

Experience our most efficient and high quality Print & Apply Systems and Labelers equipped with different label applicators in a realistic supply chain simulation – brought to life by our Trace-it® Software which allows centralized data management of all marking systems across all locations. Ensuring compliance with the latest bar code item, carton and pallet marking requirements, Trace-it works with most brands of equipment and can duplicate what actually happens inside the production line, centrally controlling all identification operations.


Take the opportunity to see our brand new innovations live in action:

Industrial Labeling System ALS 209 with 9’’ width (233 mm)

The ALS 209 Labeling Solution complements the successful ALS 2xx series and allows the labeling of especially large and wide self-adhesive labels with a width of up to 233 mm. Typical applications of such large labels can be found in the chemical industry, in the field of building materials and personal care – from canisters to cans and barrels to large containers and pallets.

Trace-it® Stand Alone

As of now we can offer our Trace-it® Software Solution not only as full version with various and customized modules. There is also the Out-of-the-box version Trace-it® Stand Alone available. With Trace-it you can manage all your labeling systems (with different print technologies) along the entire production process and centrally manage all your print data.