NOVEXX Solutions GmbH is an independent company belonging to the POSSEHL Group (4.1 billion EUR turnover and approx. 13,300 employees). NOVEXX Solutions is part of the Possehl Identification Solutions (PID) division, which includes a total of nine companies from the print & apply and labeling solutions sector. With Possehl, NOVEXX Solutions has a financially strong and future-proof partner on its side.

L. Possehl & Co. mbH is a group of medium-sized industrial companies managed in the Hanseatic tradition. In our currently more than 200 companies, we employ around 13,000 people worldwide, with over half being based in Germany. Our companies preserve and maintain their unique identity and continue to develop independently within our Group. As a successful and diverse positioned group with a history spanning 174 years, the name POSSEHL stands for entrepreneurial spirit, tradition and responsibility.

The company was established in Lübeck by Ludwig Possehl in 1847 for local trading in iron goods. The non-profit foundation Possehl-Stiftung has been the sole shareholder since 1919. The corporate structure enables the POSSEHL Group to remain independent and lays the foundations for long-term corporate decisions.

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