Print & Apply

The Print & Apply ALX Systems from NOVEXX Solutions are reliable, modern systems for any Print & Apply requirement. The ALX 73x and ALX 92x models are developed to fulfill today’s high standards for product labeling and identification as well as supply chain and logistic requirements.

Our Print & Apply Systems are well designed for industrial environments with high and low product volumes, 24/7 production hours or any label position.

The perfect combination of our LA-xx applicators and Print & Apply Systems provide you with solutions that allow almost every possible label position on your products and packaging.

ALX 73x

Our ALX 73x range of Print & Apply models are developed to meet the fastest available Print & Apply demands in the marketplace. With up to 50 meter per minute apply speed, our ALX 73x models are unbeatable.

Covering print widths up to 152 mm (6 inches), most required printing demands are covered without losing print quality at high application speed. Large label rolls in combination with 1000 meter ribbon rolls make the ALX 73x extremely efficient and support your needs for fast, reliable and perfect product identification.

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ALX 735

ALX 92x

Our high-performing, intelligent models of the ALX 92x range are the perfect choice for any dedicated Print & Apply need. Covering three different print widths, the ALX 92x systems perform excellent in any environment. Used for item, carton and pallet applications, printing barcodes, text, logos and more, the ALX 92x shows itself to be very flexible.

With a focus on efficiency, the ALX 92x models include large ribbon rolls of 1000 meters, ribbon saving function and easy operator handling.

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Our latest invention – the innovative Print & Apply Solution LPA 81x powered by LightSmart™ Technology for carton, tray and pallet labeling – uses a backing paper-free label material. This enables customers to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing the environmental impact.

The main benefits of LightSmart™ Technology include:

Increased productivity enhances performance

Eliminating the backing paper cuts time, steps, hassle and expense, adding productivity and flexibility through:

  • Increased production line uptime due to 60% more labels on roll
  • Reduced operator workload due to fewer and easier roll changes
  • No backing paper waste handling and associated costs
  • Flexible label length maximizing the use of the LightSmart™ Technology label material
  • Reduced material and ribbon consumption resulting in lower consumable costs
Improved efficiency increases savings

Using the LPA 81x with LightSmart™ accelerates operational efficiency without concessions to quality. No backing paper and flexible label sizes on a single supply roll means:

  • Fewer SKUs (stock keeping units) as only one label material is needed
  • 60% less material handling through more material on roll compared to pressure sensitive labels
  • Reduction in inventory space
  • Reduced logistics and lower total shipping costs due to more labels on roll
Reduced environmental impact

By eliminating the backing paper, LPA 81x increases a company’s sustainability credentials by:

  • No backing paper production
  • No backing paper waste
  • Less material and transport
  • Reduced environmental impact in terms of water, energy, solid waste and CO2 compared to conventional pressure-sensitive labels

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The wide range of standard applicators from NOVEXX Solutions assures accurate application of labels to any specific position on your products, cartons, trays or pallets. The applicators can easily be attached to any ALX Print & Apply System.

Our applicator range includes:

  • LA-TO: touch-on applicators
  • LA-BO: blow-on applicators
  • LA-SO: swing-on applicators

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Our OEM print modules DPM and PEM are the excellent answer to today’s high Print & Apply demands. These modules generate great flexibility in developing a tailored Print & Apply Solution. The DPM and PEM modules include all the intelligent, standard features of our ALX range, such as ribbon saving, 400 mm/sec print speed and 1000 m ribbon rolls.

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Standard Solutions

Flexibility and modularity, that’s what NOVEXX Solutions Standard Solutions provide you with. Reliable and all-in-one solution for easy and quick integration in production lines. Just a matter of assembling the individual components before starting to do the work: putting labels on your products! Several Standard Solutions are available to meet a large range of Labeling and Print & Apply demands.

Print & Apply Solutions with ALX 925
  • All-in-one standard Print & Apply Solutions
  • Modular concept allowing easy and flexible integration in all production lines
  • Side and top labeling for many product specifications
  • Adaptable for high and low production volumes

Please choose the Standard Solution you are interested in below for further details.