New 3-in-1 solution of textile labels: XLP 504 with Textile Cutter-Stacker

NOVEXX Solutions presents a 3-in-1 solution with the XLP 504 Label Printer with Textile Cutter-Stacker

With the new Textile Cutter-Stacker (TCS) option for the XLP 504, NOVEXX Solutions introduces a new 3-in-1 solution for the textile industry. The XLP 504 with TCS offers optimal results for the production of wash care labels for all types of textiles.

XLP 504 with TCS by NOVEXX Solutions

Eching, June 2018 – Labels with wash care symbols are an essential component of the textile industry. The wash care instructions are needed by the consumer in order to carry out optimal cleaning. These permanent care labels often require very small fonts and fine-lined graphics for wash care symbols and logos for branding, which should be easy to read.

The XLP 504 with TCS provides the perfect 3-in-1 solution. It covers three steps in only one unit. It prints, cuts, and stacks your textile labels in one stand-alone process with a high stack capacity for processing high-volume demand.

“Through the combination of the XLP 504 with the TCS, we offer a solid solution for the textile industry,” says Manfred Borbe, Managing Director of Novexx Solutions GmbH. “The proven quality of the XLP 50x series with the flexibility of the peripherals makes it easy to build a variety of options to deliver optimal results for specific applications.”

Typical applications of the XLP 504 with TCS are wash care instructions in clothing or household textiles, e.g. labels for mattresses, shoes, carpets, curtains, etc. But textile labels are used in the automotive and aerospace industries too, for example for seatbelts.

Your benefits with the XLP 504 with TCS in a nutshell


Print, cut, and stack – the XLP 504 with TCS covers all three steps in only one unit. The Label Printer offers a high stack capacity for processing high-volume demand.

More uptime

Set-up is straightforward and, once running, operators have easy access to the material and ribbon rolls. Status changes on the XLP 50x are easily recognizable thanks to different colors on the display, and the intuitive, icon-based menu allows quick adjustments. The quick shaft coupling print roller enables fast cleaning without any further tools. The print head is easily accessible.

Flexible use

The flexible handling of various textiles, such as nylon and polyester, is no problem for the XLP 504 with TCS. The specialists from NOVEXX Solutions will advise you to find the best combination of materials for excellent print results.

Geert Jan Kolkhuis Tanke, Director of Product Management at NOVEXX Solutions, is convinced: “The uncomplicated system of the XLP 504 with TCS enables us to offer our customers a high-quality yet economical product. It is an ideal entry-level solution for the textile industry as well as for low-cost production because both the purchase price and running costs are inexpensive. Thus, for example, flathead print heads are used, which are significantly cheaper than near-edge units when reordering replacement units.“

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