V7.75-SR1 Jan 2019 V7.75-SR1 Standard
For AP5.4 with dispenser/internal rewinder additional download required: BLDC (V8)
V7.75 Apr 2018 Firmware V7.75 (3.2 MB);
mandatory for AP 5.4 with dispenser and internal rewinder, download BLDC (V8)

Firmware Archives

V7.73 Nov 2017 Firmware V7.73 (3.2 MB);
mandatory for AP 5.4 with dispenser and internal rewinder
V7.72 Jul 2017 Firmware V7.72 (3.0 MB);
If used with dispenser please use V7.71
Backwards compatible to V7.36
V7.60 Feb 2016 Firmware V7.60 (2.5 MB):
Backwards compatible to V7.36
V7.52 Sept 2014 Firmware V7.52 (2.4 MB):
Backwards compatible to V7.36
V7.43 Sep 2013 Firmware (2.5 MB):
AP 5.4 (Gen II)
AP 5.6 (Gen II)
V7.42 Firmware (2.1 MB):
AP 5.4 (Gen II)
AP 5.6 (Gen II)
V7.37 July 2011,
factory-installed on AP 5.4 starting with s/n 1045791107,
factory-installed on AP 5.6 starting with s/n 1008871107
Firmware (2.1 MB) for AP 5.4 and 5.6 (Gen II): 
Backwards compatible to V7.36
V7.36 July 2010 Firmware (2.2 MB)
V7.35 Firmware (2.5 MB):
AP 5.4 (Gen II)
AP 5.6 (Gen II)
V6 Dec 2007 Firmware for BLDC (11,8KB)
Download Assistant

64-xx Chess x, DPM, ALX 92x, Novexx, PA-1×6, TTXx50, Wildcats, TDI, Xxtreme, TTK, Texxtile, ALX 720, Samba

Firmware Download Assistant
for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP


Start the setup program SetupFirmwareDownload.exe

Getting started:

Once the program has been installed, it can be started by double-clicking the icon on the desktop which is linked to file: FirmwareDownload.exe.

  • This program only allows you to select batch files, which must have the extension *.bat.
  • This guarantees backward compatibility and a safe and convenient download of files in the correct sequence.
  • Special download routines may be created by generating your own batch files.
System requirements:

The program can be run on any PC with one of the following operating systems: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME and on all installed LPT or COM ports.
This is not valid for AP 2.4 and AP 3.4.