Industriel Labels

The right choice for labels

The right choice of surface material, adhesive and backing are of paramount importance when designing the label. Additional modifications such as finishing or embossing must also be adapted to all components.
Depending on the industry, they have to withstand different challenges & requirements.
We at NOVEXX know what is important and are happy to help you!


Chemical Industry

NOVEXX Solutions offers you a wide range of label properties to meet the requirements, conditions and regulations within this industry. They have been developed exactly according to the requirements of this industry. Although used as branding or decoration of chemical products - with our labels, they obtain the highest quality, which also passes with flying colors when it comes to adhesion even with hot fillings.

  • Large blank
  • Extremely high adhesion
  • Especially for hot filling
  • Completely printed hazardous goods
  • Diamond shape and in a strong colour and many more


Personal-Care industry

Cosmetic labels must be insensitive to water, resistant to cleaning substances, oil-repellent, well adhering (even with tight radii) and hard-wearing. Through the various materials, shapes and sizes, but also through finishing, we give your label a special value and appearance that optimally represents your brand.

  • Multilayer, booklets and wrap-around labels
  • No Label Look
  • Embossed labels (hot and cold)
  • Safety labels
  • Refined labels
  • 3D effect and many more


Food Industry

Our labels are low-migration, contain adhesives and printing inks that meet the prescribed requirements and are therefore permissible. They are resistant to cold and heat and are perfectly suited for direct application to the food itself or its packaging surface.

  • Resealable
  • Roll labels with wet-strength adhesive
  • Pallet labels for different surfaces
  • For high humidity
  • Frozen food
  • Permanent adhesion beverage crate and shrink labels
  • Sustainable
  • Sandwich labels and many more


Logistic Industry

We offer you security along the entire process chain. Labels from NOVEXX Solutions can be applied to a wide variety of cardboard or other packaging surfaces at cool or humid ambient temperatures and even in a dusty environment. This ensures the flow of information and a smooth supply chain.

  • Blank for variable printing
  • For deep-freeze storage
  • Weatherproof or seawater resistant
  • Thermal labels for variable imprint
  • Ultralight removable
  • Iidentification in the deep-freeze sector
  • For lye and washing processes
  • Labels with direct thermal, thermal transfer or laser printing
  • Very high final adhesion or easy removal
  • Extremely good initial adhesion and many more


Pharma Industry

The labels from NOVEXX Solutions  are suitable for deep-freezing, resistant to solvents and disinfectants, and are resistant to moisture, grease, and oil. Choose NOVEXX when you need reliable adhesion, even on difficult surfaces or small radii.

  • Booklets & wrap around
  • Multilayer
  • Ffor bottles
  • Test tubes and curved surfaces
  • All-round bonding for ampoules
  • For vials, syringes, prefilled syringes
  • No Label Look labels for glass and plastic
  • Direct blood bag labeling Closure labels
  • Tamper evident and security
  • Labels for blood collection tubes,
  • Syringes and ampoules labels for the blind and many more


Other Industries

The demand for labels and the variety of combinations is almost unlimited. For this reason it is not possible for us to list all industries and label types. Please contact us if you do not find yourself in one of the industries and work out together with you the ideal label to identify your product.

  • Adhesive film
  • Chemical resistant
  • Dangerous goods
  • Frond display, plotter foil
  • Types and insertion
  • Safety and many more

Textile Industry
  • Tags
  • Carton
  • Security (RFID)
  • Self-adhesive and many more