Benefits and Functionalities

THE NOVEXX Solutions
eCOMM Portal


The main benefits and functionalities

We will continually add more functionalities, as we keep on optimizing and expanding the eCOMM Portal. These are the functions that you will benefit from this year:

Simple Order Management

Order management has never been easier: with just a few clicks you can view the current status of your orders. You can check whether your orders are still being processed, have already been dispatched or whether only part of the order has been dispatched. Stay up to date at all times:


Document archive

The NOVEXX Solutions eCOMM Portal will be your new central point of information: it gives an overview of all the relevant information that is regularly needed in your daily business. You can easily access and download invoices, credit notes, and order acknowledgements for all current and previous orders - without having to contact customer service, at any time!:

Online Ordering

You need some more foil or you want to re-order the exact same spare part you ordered a couple of months ago? The easy online ordering function in the eCOMM will be your tool for that. You can order spare parts and consumables by typing in the article number you are currently using. And you can easily repeat previous orders - even the ones that have been placed before the launch of the eCOMM Portal, because all your historic order data will be accessible online.:


Installed Base Overview

A comprehensive listing of all the NOVEXX Solutions hardware your company has ever purchased including an overview of important information like service contracts - ideal to keep track off all your machines.


The rights of use depend on the respective role:

ADMIN users have full editing rights on users and access to all functionalities.
PURCHASING users view and use all functionalities that the portal provides – including order management.
FINANCE users have full access to the document archive including invoices and order documents.
TECHNICAL users additionally keep track on hardware and warranties thanks to the installed base overview.
SALES users get access to the content and support area.