NOVEXX Solutions offers a wide range of labeling systems for placing pressure-sensitive labels on any product accurately and reliably, in any shape.
With our ALS 2xx models, most labeling demands can be fulfilled. When the requirements are extreme, the ALS 30x models make sure that you achieve best-in-class labeling.

ALS 104 AND ALS 204/206/209/256

High-performing, robust labelers for applying decorative, informative and branding labels in demanding environments in continuous operation, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Integrated design with a small footprint makes this ALS range easy to install in your new or existing production line, regardless of whether the label has to be applied on the top, on the side, around or on the bottom of your product. Intelligent features like dispensing edge, pneumatic applicators, Ethernet, IP65, tandem function and many more make the ALS range your preferred labeler.

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Available now:

The new ALS 209 labeling system for extremely wide labels
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ALS 204

ALS 306

ALS 306/309

Modular labeling system ALS 30x, especially developed for the most extreme labeling conditions and environments. Built to perform and support continuous labeling by using large label rolls, tandem application and fast service modules. Increase your productivity and production line performance by using our NOVEXX Solutions high-performance Labelers ALS 306 and ALS 309.

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The wide range of standard applicators assures accurate applying of labels to any specific position on your products, cartons, trays or pallets. The applicators can easily be attached to any ALS 2xx/30x Labelers.

Applicator range includes :

  • LA-TO: touch-on applicators
  • LA-BO: blow-on applicators
  • LA-SO: swing-on applicators

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Labeling Solutions

Standard Solutions

Flexibility and modularity, that’s what NOVEXX Solutions Standard Solutions for labeling provide you with. Reliable and all-in-one solutions for easy and quick integration in production lines. Just a matter of assembling the individual components before starting to do the work: putting labels on your products!
Several Standard Solutions are available to meet a large range of Labeling and Print & Apply demands.

ALS 104/204 Series
  • All-in-one Standard Labeling Solutions
  • Modular concept allowing easy and flexible integration in all production lines
  • Side and top labeling for many product specifications
  • Adaptable for high and low production volumes

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