Pallets containing your products need to have clear, well readable and reliable shipping labels, adhering to today’s GS1 requirements to assure seamless movement within the supply chain. NOVEXX Solutions offers industrial and robust Print & Apply solutions to identify your pallets with barcodes, addresses, information and logos. Whether labels have to be placed on the top, on the side or in multiple ways on the pallet, we have the right pallet labeling solution available.
XPU pallet labeler by NOVEXX Solutions

labeling solution for pallets

The XPU pallet labeler offers high levels of reliability, efficiency and user-friendliness, including demanding 24/7 applications, and delivers outstanding print results even in the rough conditions of a logistics envronment.

  • applies GS1 compliant DIN A5 labels
  • labeling optionally 2 sides with just one pallet stop
  • marking up to 180 pallets per hour
  • fully readable barcode thanks to optional scanner
  • options: scanner for barcode validation, RFID ability, 3 side labeling